Objectives and Duties

Our Main Objectives

  • To be the Umbrella Body of all Licensed / Accredited recruitment Companies / Agents in Kenya.
  • To contribute to the prevention of irregular/unethical recruitment, exploitation or trafficking and smuggling of persons through labour migration or any other malpractices that may occur in the course of recruitment, placement or employment of Kenyans.
  • To contribute to the development of national policy and law on local and foreign recruitment and employment.
  • To contribute to the alleviation of poverty and unemployment in Kenya by securing for Kenyans local or foreign employment opportunities that are consistent with principles of decent work and national and international standards regarding labour and migrant workers.
  • To progressively develop the level and standards of operations or provisions of services by members of the association to operate in agreement with national and international law and standards regarding labour and migrant workers.
  • To promote the socio-economic welfare of members;
  • To contribute to the professional advancement of the members;
  • To enhance the knowledge and organizational and institutional capacity of its members.
  • To engage in such other activities as raise the profile of the industry and its members, e.g. to distinguish them from unscrupulous, unethical actors. This could include representing the industry in intergovernmental forums such as with IOM and ILO, but also international trade associations like the World Employment Confederation

Our Duty to the Industry

  • Engage with the relevant Government institutions/authorities to formulate adopt and adhere to a Code of Conduct to regulate the operation of the members of the Association.
  • To ensure through the Code of Conduct that the operations of its members as far as such operations relate to employment agency services are carried out in a lawful and proper manner. 
  • To ensure that all job seekers and migrant workers have free and fair access to independent information and training in accordance with national and international law and standards prior to agreeing to take employment offered by an ASMAK member.
  • Ensure access to services including guidance, counseling and pre-departure orientation services to jobseekers leaving the country, support and follow-up services to migrant workers abroad and re-orientation services to migrant workers returning to the country. It is the mandate of licensed agents to ensure that all migrant workers attend pre-departure training with an independent institution as agents might compromise the type of training given.
  • It is the mandate of licensed agents to ensure that all migrant workers attend relevant training as guided by NITA i.e. including but not limited to pre-departure training and Homecare Training.
  • Establish Sector Committees which are in charge of driving sectoral advocacy agenda of ASMAK. ASMAK members will channel issues of concern to their sector through the sector committees which will harmonize the issues before presenting them to the executive committee. The Sector Committee members are an authority on their sector.